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10th April 2005

celtics0com11:08pm: .amazing night ... and then some.
Hey .. I saw Mashlin perform on the 8th ... They were AMAZING!!!!
I heard of the CD release party that is going to be in Orlando ... hoping to get more information on that!

Just posted coz they've become ona my favorite bands ... hope to hear more from them soon!
If you have any information, please let me know!!

.till next time.
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31st December 2004

seconds__away3:32am: What's to come...
So some big promotions have been done for Mashlin. They are currently on the FRONT PAGE of Purevolume, which is HUGE exposure. They also have a "featured download" in Absolutepunk.net as well as getting mentioned every now and then as a "band to watch out for" I won't be surprised if you see them in AP (Alternative Press) soon.

They are also slated to go to LA to record January 10th I believe with Chris Fudurich (Rx Bandits, Finch, Allister, and Nada Surf, and yes...Rory)

They have also set a release date for the album (as of yet untitled) of April 12, 2005.

There is also a new (to my knowledge) song on their purevolume page called "Arrive like a theif" and it's downloadable so you can add it to your (insert MP3 player here) that you got for (insert holiday here)

I think thats all for now. They have just about 40,000 plays on Purevolume and is sure to rise heavily while being on the front page.

4th August 2004

lurk_hard1:17pm: Hey!

There has been an new LJ community made for One Eleven Records

Join up and get up to date information on your favorite One Eleven bands
such as:

Thin Dark Line
The Spill Canvas
This Day & Age

Plus tour information, contests ....and more!

23rd July 2004

gcs_mest_up8:29pm: Just joined. And because we haven't updated since JUNE I thought to do this. So, feel free to add me if you want (Damn, now I sound like those other desperate people).

2nd June 2004

bigbangattack339:13pm: Straight from Aaron (I think)
(This was in the comments section...so I'll just put it up here, just in case)

Oodles of News for your Noodles!

Before you start reading the Mashlin news I want everyone (since you’re online anyway) to email all your buddy and email lists and tell them to download our new song “The Shore” at www.purevolume.com/mashlin. Include aaron@mashlin.com with the other email addresses and we’ll send you free merch!

On with the News:

Drive-Thru Records Compilation
Mashlin has been confirmed as one of the bands to be on the Drive-Thru Compilation CD coming out in Summer/Fall. Be sure to keep an eye out for it in stores everywhere!

New Song!
We will be posting a new song at www.purevolume.com/mashlin early next week! So keep checking there and tell all your friends.

Mashlin Video?!
We will be making a video for “The Shore” and want all your ideas for what it should be. Send any and all thoughts to ideas@mashlin.com and your idea could be picked.

Mashlin @ Myspace.com - Representin Da Sprangs
If you haven’t heard of the fastest growing online community yet, then head over to www.myspace.com/mashlin and join us as one of our friends. If you are already a member then make sure to add Mashlin to your profile under favorite music.

Live Journal community board
Join our community at http://www.livejournal.com/community/mashlin/

Night to Rock!
Mashlin show at Will’s Pub on June 13th -ALL AGES- Doors at 6:00pm - BE THERE!

To help us spread the word, join the Mashlin street team by emailing aaron@mashlin.com.


d0rkdotcom7:29pm: Hey
Hey guys! Just joined and felt it necessary to spread the Mashlin love. Found out about the LJ community from their newsletter thing on myspace.

Well, first off they rock. They performed at Spring Music Fest 2004 (put on by the Atlantic High School Key Club [I'm an officer of the club, so I was extremely happy that they performed!]), and they were absoultely amazing! I decided I would post some pictures of their performance. The guys have been really nice, and hope to see them back this coming year for another performance! (If they're not too famous that is :-P)

All of your silence, rang like a storm of bells...Collapse )

Welp, that's all for now folks. Spread the Mashlin love!

<3 Melissa
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30th May 2004

bigbangattack3311:17pm: Open for business
First post in the Mashlin community. Tell all your friends about it.

In news: "The Shore" will be featured on the new Drive Thru comp. They aren't signed to that label however. But you never know what might happen.

Mashlin is having a show June 13th...no details as in where to yet, but you can check on their site for updates and such.
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