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What's to come...

So some big promotions have been done for Mashlin. They are currently on the FRONT PAGE of Purevolume, which is HUGE exposure. They also have a "featured download" in as well as getting mentioned every now and then as a "band to watch out for" I won't be surprised if you see them in AP (Alternative Press) soon.

They are also slated to go to LA to record January 10th I believe with Chris Fudurich (Rx Bandits, Finch, Allister, and Nada Surf, and yes...Rory)

They have also set a release date for the album (as of yet untitled) of April 12, 2005.

There is also a new (to my knowledge) song on their purevolume page called "Arrive like a theif" and it's downloadable so you can add it to your (insert MP3 player here) that you got for (insert holiday here)

I think thats all for now. They have just about 40,000 plays on Purevolume and is sure to rise heavily while being on the front page.
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