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Talented at breathing

Straight from Aaron (I think)

(This was in the comments section...so I'll just put it up here, just in case)

Oodles of News for your Noodles!

Before you start reading the Mashlin news I want everyone (since you’re online anyway) to email all your buddy and email lists and tell them to download our new song “The Shore” at www.purevolume.com/mashlin. Include aaron@mashlin.com with the other email addresses and we’ll send you free merch!

On with the News:

Drive-Thru Records Compilation
Mashlin has been confirmed as one of the bands to be on the Drive-Thru Compilation CD coming out in Summer/Fall. Be sure to keep an eye out for it in stores everywhere!

New Song!
We will be posting a new song at www.purevolume.com/mashlin early next week! So keep checking there and tell all your friends.

Mashlin Video?!
We will be making a video for “The Shore” and want all your ideas for what it should be. Send any and all thoughts to ideas@mashlin.com and your idea could be picked.

Mashlin @ Myspace.com - Representin Da Sprangs
If you haven’t heard of the fastest growing online community yet, then head over to www.myspace.com/mashlin and join us as one of our friends. If you are already a member then make sure to add Mashlin to your profile under favorite music.

Live Journal community board
Join our community at http://www.livejournal.com/community/mashlin/

Night to Rock!
Mashlin show at Will’s Pub on June 13th -ALL AGES- Doors at 6:00pm - BE THERE!

To help us spread the word, join the Mashlin street team by emailing aaron@mashlin.com.


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